Saturday, January 22, 2011

carlsbad california

I'm on a road trip with my mom and grandpa. Mom runs the Carlsbad half marathon each year for a doggie charity, Labrador Rescuers, and each year I come down and am mom's cheering section on the course! I have all my tail wags and kisses ready to see mom at mile 6.5! I'll be the push she needs!!!

I'm very proud of my mom! She raised over $3600 for Labrador Rescuers! Aren't those doggies lucky? If you want to donate, you still can here:

I have to put mom to bed now since she will be up very early to run!

Goodnight from Carlsbad!



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Lorenza said...

Good luck to your Mom, Velcro!
She is pawesome!
And sure she loves having you there cheering her up!
Kisses and hugs

The Mama Monster said...

How cool, you are right near us!!! Good luck tomorrow!!!

Kari in WeHo said...

Why doesn't she run for Cattle Dog rescue?


Anonymous said...

Awesome!! You would be the best fan club anyone would ever need to finish running the race! Good job to your mom for raising so much money!

Elyse and Riley

Sam said...

Way to go! We are cheering your Mom on too!


Anonymous said...

What an awesome thing for your Mom to do! She wouldn't be inclined to share her time, or anything, would she...?
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