Sunday, July 31, 2011


Mom brought this little 6pm dog home yesterday! She says his name is Harvey and that we will e fostering him until he finds his furever home! He weighs 6lbs.... He's smaller than our cats! He growls and barks at our cats but because he's so small they don't know what to do with him! He's nice! We like him!!! He plays!


Velcro and Ceilidh

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Friday, July 22, 2011


We just finished a run with mom. We got out later than normal because mom was watching something called The Tour de France. It was sunny, and we're not to happy about running in the sun and heat! Mom is really good- we get shade breaks and we both drink water out of mom's hand held water bottle- but we kept the run short today!


Velcro and Ceilidh

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Monday, July 18, 2011


My little sister sure has made herself at home on mom's bed!


Velcro ...... And Ceilidh

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Beach or Park?

Since Mom has been off work, we've been trying to get our runs in when we wake up (after mom watches something called the Tour de France) and then when the sun starts to go down, because we don't really like playing when the sun is up and its hot, we've been going to the park or the beach!! Either place is great for me because I either get to play with my Jolly ball or Tennis Ball but Ceilidh seems to really like the beach! She races around like a crazy puppy! She chases me when I chase my ball and then does circles around me....must be the "terrorist" in her...

I kinda like he's nice to have a little sister! I'm trying to teach her everything I know. Like how to run on the trails and how to listen to commands!

The other day, mom took us both to the V-E-T to get things that sting and hurt! I only had one prick but Ceilidh had three! And her third one must have hurt her because she cried and tried to bite her side! I ran to her and tried to comfort her! I am her big sister afterall!

Mom and my Dr would duly impressed that I came out from under my hiding spot to comfort my sister when she was crying!

I wonder where we will go today?? Beach or park??

Double Woofs

Velcro and Ceilidh.....

Friday, July 8, 2011

A friday morning walkie

Squirrel watch...

 We went on a walk this morning. Mom had wanted to run but it's still pretty it was walkie time this morning and tonight we'll run along the ocean!

We went to our favorite park! There are a lot of squirrels, ducks and geese at this park and Ceilidh and I had lots to watch! No chasing of squirrels though!

We did get to run around though! I chased my tennis ball and ceilidh chased me. We played for a brief moment-and I chased her and then we headed home!

It was a nice morning with mom!


Velcro and Ceilidh
walking home

comfy together!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ceilidh's first petsitter visit

Mom left us! She went to Naahville to play with another dog! Luckily my hu-man brudder is taking care of us! He feeds us and takes us for walkies! And before mom left, she set up a special lunchtime petsitter visit for us! So we get to giro the park and play! This was Ceilidh's first time being taken out by MY petsitter! She was ok! She didn't act up and actually sat for a picture!!

I think mom comes home tonight! She had better not smell like another dog!

Velcro and Ceilidh

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