Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fun times with mom...

We love when mom is home! She takes us running and we get tasty treats. We wish mom could spend everyday with us!! This was taken on our long run this past Sunday. We ran down to the Port of Los Angeles. There were lots of birds and good smells!


Velcro, Ceilidh and Jack Sparrow

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Mitch and angel Maggie said...

You all look so happy! I wish your mom could spend every day home with you guys too!

Love ya lots,

Kari in Vegas said...

you guys sure love running with mom!

Stop on by for a visit

Vertigo said...

Water! Such good water! Are so lucky, Velcro, for to live near water. Do often get to swim? So miss water, self.

Kasha said...

Good lookin gang!