Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My teeth!!

I'm back to normal!! Or at least that's what mom said this morning when I gave her a morning nose probe!

I thought I'd show you my teeth!!! Mom says she doesn't know where these teeth were in my upper jaw because the roots are so big and I'm only 6.9 lbs..... But they are gone now!!!

I left my teeth under moms pillow.... She said the tooth fairy would come and give me something! She did she did!!! I got two strips of the Trader Joes Chicken jerky!! It's my favorite!!!

Now time to be a pirate!

-Jack Sparrow

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I'm Home!

I was groggy and heard my vet, Dr Evans, talking to my mommy! She told my mommy I could go home at 3pm today!!

When mommy came at 3pm the nice vet tech brought me out and I was so happy to see her!!!! I wiggled all over!!! Mommy was so happy- she gave me lots of kisses!!

Now I'm sleeping on my mommy's chest.... I'm home and I'm happy!!


Jack Sparrow

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My deciduous teeth are being pulled...

Jack Sparrow here....when mommy got me as a foster I still had my deciduous (baby) and her busy schedule could never find a day when se could stay home and my vet was available. So now that mom has finished her tv show and has time, I am getting them pulled.

Mom fed me lots and lots until 6pm then all the food was taken up! I was ok with that but my kitty sister has been crying since 4am because she's hungry!

I'm writing this from the comforts of my human brudders bed! I'm still lounging. I have to be in the vet by 9:30am so mom is letting me sleep as long as possible.

I know mom will be very worried about me! She was giving me all kinds of hugs and snuggles last nite! She will be hanging around the house until she can pick me up! Maybe she should have found those worry beads she once had....

Bye bye baby teeth..

- Jack Sparrow

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