Sunday, July 15, 2012

10 miles....

Ceilidh here,

Mom has been running a lot lately. so when she woke up at 6am I, Ceilidh, knew she was going to go for a long run. But mom was super slow to get ready and we waited and waited, actually Jack was inside the duvel cover sleeping with his hooman brudder....silly Chihuahua! Well mom finally pulled him out of the duvet cover and got us ready. She had taken velcro and i out earlier for pee and poop time. velcro doesnt go on the longer runs with us anymore-she tops out around 5 miles now. But jack and I are mom's "long distance low-riders" and we were attached to the Buddy System and off we went. It was already after 9am but luckily still overcast and cool.

After the first mile, we were running down the sidewalk and this female Pit Bull pounced on me-I squealed! Mom lifted me up and was screaming at the stupid owner who's dog didnt have a collar or leash on!!!! Mom said some HBO words to the idiot owner...who didnt say anything back to mom but picked up his dog and walked continued some HBO words and made sure Iw as ok...and then we continued running.

Mom must have had an adrenaline rush, for we raced down the hill!! But that ended shortly, because mom is a slowish runner. But we are ok with that!

The sun started to come out around mile 6..we dont like running in the sun! But mom always has her water bottle and we drink out of it. And she picks routes that have water fountains so she can always fill up!

We originally wer eonly going to run 8 miles, but then mom realized she'd be so close to 10 that she decided she needed double digits! Its been awhile since Jack and I have run a 10 miler. We recently ran 8 and run 3-5 regularly.

It was sunny now...2 miles in the sun when you wear a fur coat-mom doesnt like us running in the sun, so we walked and then ran then walked again and she gave us lots of water. Good thing we were near our house. She also looked for shady routes! We do love our mom because she thinks of us when we run!

We got home and drank water and then crashed....nice time for a nap!


Ceilidh and Jack Sparrow


Mitch and Molly said...

You guys are in great shape to be able to go 10 miles!
We're so happy to hear that the Pibble didn't hurt you, Ceilidh.

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Charlene and Storm said...

wow sounds like you guys had a really fun run, glad the naughty dog didnt hurt you, i hate owners like that. happened to me and my last dog out on a run once and there wasnt an owner to swear at, i had to swear at the dog instead and put my dog behind me to protect him, i think i must of looked pretty scary cos the dog backed off and left us along after a few minutes. stressful :)

Vertigo said...

Oh please to be taking self on longest run too! Could run and run and run all the day, but have to be okay with hour walk in morning, sometimes ball in afternoon, and sometimes walk or agility at night.
Is the least fair life for a cattle dog!

Vertigo said...

Also! Please to be knowing that today, Liebster award has been passed for towards you!